little theatre.
BIG ideas.

By Jeff Talbott

Directed by Jouni Kirjola

Assistant Directed by Shannon Mahoney

SATURDAY APRIL 12 at 11:00am


Headshot and Resume

The Submission is the fourth production in Big Idea Theatre’s ‘UNBOUND’ Season and directed by Elly award winning Jouni Kirjola, a Big Idea Theatre company member who has directed shows like MOONLIGHT & MAGNOLIAS and PRIVATE EYES.

Advance copies of sides will be available by request on or after
Friday, March 28 by emailing

Rehearsals begin May 5.

Show Runs June 6 - July 5 with no show on July 4

PLAY SYNOPSIS - Danny has written a complex new drama about an African American family trying to get out of the Projects, and it has just been selected for the nation's preeminent play festival. Problem is: Danny, a young white playwright, submitted the work under a pen name in the hope of increasing its chances for production. So he hires Emilie, a black actress, to stand in for him as author. What starts as a terrible idea becomes more and more terrible as Danny drags Emilie, his boyfriend, and his best friend down a long and dirty path of truth, lies, revelation, and betrayal. A fiercely funny and intelligent new comic drama about the words we use to describe each other — and the things we'll do to get what we want.

DANNY - White. 27. Gay. He is bright, articulate and charming. He has a strange mix of confidence and neediness; has always thought of himself as likeable and is shocked that anybody would think he has a mean bone in his body. He is also, possibly, a racist.


TREVOR - White. 27. Straight. An all-around good guy. Possessing real wit. Danny's best friend and an actor. He sincerely believes in Danny's talent and is fiercely loyal. He falls for Emilie and his loyalty to Danny gets tested then fractured.

PETE - White. 27. Gay. Danny's boyfriend. A real corporate individual/regular guy. Not a theatre insider, he's supportive of Danny but realistic. He is very much in love with Danny and says exactly what he thinks. He's not snarky or pompous, just generally right.

EMILIE - Black. 27. Straight. She is a no-nonsense and highly articulate actor with strong opinions. She knows what she wants. She possesses grace but can be overcome by great emotion. Defensive, proud and idealistic.

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