Big Idea Theatre is excited to announce the opening of their new “a BIT more” series.

The inaugural production of the series will include the live performance of two beloved episodes of the classic television show “The Twilight Zone.” Join Big Idea Theatre as they re-create live on stage the episodes: "The Monster are Due on Maple Street" and "To Serve Man."

Twilight Zone creator, Rod Serling, wrote both episodes which originally aired in the 1960’s and featured actors such as Jack Weston, Barry Atwater and Richard Kie. The Monster are Due on Maple Street tells the story of what happens to a group of neighbors who mysteriously lose electricity, after a shadow passes overhead, accompanied by a loud roar and a flash of light. Panic builds when a shadowy figure is seen. Will hysteria get the better of this quiet community? In To Serve Man, a linguist and his team attempt to decipher the language of an alien race that has landed on earth. This new alien race

claims to be there to help humanity, but can we really know their true intentions?

Company member, Wade Lucas, will direct both episodes for this upcoming performance. He is “positively giddy with enthusiasm to be able to bring 2 more episodes to life on the BIT stage! We have a group of talented and funny people on board who will really make for an enjoyable night of theater for all ages!"

Big Idea Theatre is passionate about telling stories and hopes that their new series “a BIT more” will give them an opportunity to tell more than ever before. Future productions

of the "a BIT more" series will include a variety of "black-box" one acts, one man/woman shows, new works, and a regular reoccurring run of “Twilight Zones: Live on Stage!” The “a BIT more” series will run concurrently and in between their main-stage productions.

So make sure not to miss the beginning of this exciting new tradition from Big Idea Theatre.


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